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C & M Seeds / Palmerston Grain

6180 5th Line, Minto

C & M Seeds is a seed company located outside of Palmerston; it was founded in 1978. They sell various types of wheat seeds, as well as strains of soybean, barley, oats and mixed grains.

Palmerston Grain is a large scale grain elevator based outside of Palmerston.

Clifford Cemetery

Clifford Cemetery
Lot:33 Conc:17; HWY 9, Howick

Clifford's Public Cemetery is located just north of Clifford, at the intersection of Highway 9 and Grey Road 10.

Harry Stone's Pizzaburger & Ale House

19 Elora St S., Harriston

Harry Stone’s is a local restaurant and pub featuring live music and entertainment throughout the year. Located in the historic Collison House hotel in downtown Harriston.

Harriston Cemetery

Harriston Cemetery
Lot: 88 Conc: C; Jessie St E, Harriston

The Harriston Cemetery is located on Jessie Street at the southern end of Harriston.

Palmerston Cemetery

Palmerston Cemetery
5240 HWY 23, Palmerston

The Palmerston Cemetery is located on Highway 23 just outside of Palmerston.

Meiklejohn House Bed & Breakfast

116 Arthur St E., Harriston

A lavish Victorian bed & breakfast on the edge of Harriston, Meiklejohn House was built in the 1870’s by Harriston’s first mayor. Today it serves as a luxury retreat.

South Salem Cemetery

South Salem Cemetery
5275 3rd Line, Minto

The South Salem Cemetery is located on 3rd Line, outside of Palmerston.

Harriston Photography

24 John St N., Harriston

Harriston Photography offers professional photography services. It is located in Harriston.

Karin's Pottery

253 Main St E., Palmerston

Karin’s Pottery offers a wide variety of handmade ceramic gifts and decorations.

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