Plaque #H52 Heritage Home

24 Robertson St S, Harriston
Plaque #H52 Heritage Home

Built in 1873: Original home of Sylvester Teeple.


Wagon Maker

Brief History:

Samuel Robertson owned most of the lots in this area of Harriston.  He owned the Box Manufacturing Company on Mill St.  Mr. Robertson also leased a store On Elora St. S. from Alex McCready (Grant Deverall, Barclay office).  Robertson Street was named after Samuel Robertson.

Sylvester Teeple, a wagon maker, who came from Seaforth in 1873 had this brick house built.  The house had masonry work done to the corners and foundation in 1903 by Otto Williamson (etched in the brick).  The property stayed in Robertson's name until the mortgage was paid off in 1877.  The once used horse stable and possible workshop, at the back, still exists today.  John "Gus" Morrison, son of Murdock Morrison, operated a private radio station from here in the 1930's.  Not being licensed, it was shut down which upset a few of the locals.

Former owners:  1873-Sylvester Teeple, 1908-Daniel Harris, 1911-Irene Edmonds, 1916-Murdock Morrison, 1940-Christina McKay, 1941-Charles Pring, 1962-Elsie Kerr

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