Plaque #H47 Heritage Home

41 Raglan St W, Harriston
Plaque #H47 Heritage Home

Built in 1874: Original home of William Simmons



Brief History:

Samuel Robertson, a local banker and partner in a box manufacturing business on Mill St., sold this lot in Feb. 1874 to Wm. Simmons and wife.  Mr. Simmons built the house that year.  In 1879 the Simmons family moved to North Dakota and rented the house out until it sold in 1881.  The lot was split in 1916 and John Mundy purchased the south part and built the corner house. 

Former owners: 1874-William Simmons, 1881-Wm. Henry, 1883-Alex Robertson, 1887-Elizabeth Cairns, 1916-South 1/2 to John Mundy, 1928-Emma Ann Pritchard, 1933-Caroline Tarr, 1973-Harold and Karen Klein, 1977-Wesley Small, 1980-Joseph J. Deniet, 1983-James and A. Geiger.

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