Plaque #M1 Heritage Home

6242 Wellington Rd 9, Minto
Plaque #M1 Heritage Home

Built: 1869

Builder/First Owner: Capt. Miles Bateman

Occupation: Great Lakes Boat Captain

Brief History:

Capt. Miles Bateman and his wife Jemima purchased this farm from James Dourie in 1869 after a career as boat Captain on the Great Lakes. Assessment records show a house built on the property that year and the Bateman's as farmers. This is the earliest known stone house in Minto. They followed Jemima's parents, Malcolm Wright & wife to this area as the Wright's had settled here owning lot 89 conc. D of Minto. Mr. Bateman purchased many lots in Harriston and loaned money to newcomers settling in town.

This property has been in the Ivel Family since 1920. Alex Ivel has been established in the livestock trucking business for nearly 50 years based from this farm. The business has won many achievement awards for trucking over the years and are known province wide for their fine service. Alex and Florence are retired and live in this dwelling and their sons Robert and Allan operate the business. Former owners: 1869 Capt. Miles Bateman, 1901 George Carter, 1920 James & Florence Ivel, current owners Alex & Florence Ivel.

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