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Melgund Post Office 1893 - 1914

Melgund Post Office

Melgund Post Office
6713 8th Line, Harriston

Built in 1881, the Melgund Post Office was manned by Postmaster John Bracken and in operation until 1914.

Drew Station Post Office 1899 - 1926

Drew Station Post Office

Drew Station Post Office
5815 Wellington Rd 2, Clifford

Built in 1891, the Drew Station Post Office was manned by Postmaster Joseph H. Dickson and in operation until 1926.

Town Hall Theatre

68 Elora St, Harriston

Located in the heart of Harriston, the Town Hall Theatre is the home of the Grey-Wellington Theatre Guild. The theatre is frequently host to plays, concerts, dance recitals and other community events.

John Hobelman Rotary Centennial Park


The John Hobelman Rotary Centennial Park includes a soccer field and a covered pavilion with an indoor storage/kitchen area. It is located in Clifford, near the arena.

Greenbush Heritage Organic Farm

Greenbush Heritage Organic

Greenbush Heritage Organic
5633 Highway 9, Harriston

Owned and operated by Terry and Krista Fisk, Greenbush Organic Farm is a small-scale certified organic market garden producing fresh organic fruits and vegetables. It is located on Highway 9 between Harriston and Clifford.

Clifford Central Memorial Park


Clifford’s Central Memorial Park includes a playground, basketball court, pavilion and war memorial. It is situated in the downtown at Clarke and Allen Street.

Clifford Rotary Park


Next to the highway, the Clifford Rotary Park runs along Park Street. Its pavilion and meditation circle are separated by a covered wooden bridge over the local creek.

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