Plaque #H41 Heritage Home

294 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque # 41 Heritage Home

Built in 1883: Original home of Hugh Gordon.

This lot was created in 1875, part of the farm that Hugh Gordon purchased from Malcolm Wright in 1869. It was sold to David and Alice Pennock in 1876. It sat vacant until 1883 when Hugh Gordon, who lived to the east of this house, which he also built in 1877, erected this dwelling for the Pennock's. This farm was split into four lots through the years. Mr. Gordon wore many hats over the years, such as Foreman of the Harriston Agricultural Works and Foundry, Wagon Maker with his brother William, Carpenter, part-time farmer and Town Councillor when this house was built. In 1913, J.J. Pritchard purchased part of the farm from current owner Wm. Hinde. He sold part of his lot Milford Neil to go along with the current farm property in 1923 when he sold this house and moved into town. It is now a retirement home operated by Bonnie Patricia Lee St. Jean.

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