Plaque #H4 Heritage Home

83 Webb St, Harriston
Plaque #H4 Heritage Home

Built: 1872

Builder/First Owner:
Leonard Brisbin

Store Merchant

Brief History:

Leonard Brisbin had this house built in 1872 and later moved to the residence over his store on Lot 18 Elora St. S. He operated a dry goods store where the present library parking lot sits. These properties abutted. His brother William and a Wesley Brisbin also lived in this house for a time. Rev. J.G. Scott was tenant here in 1876 before relocating to Palmerston. The Brisbin's rented this residence out for some years.

Former owners: 1872 Leonard Brisbin, 1872 Chris Young, 1873 Jane Young, 1877 Leonard and Wesley Brisbin, 1912 Edward Johnson, 1937 Hindson Burrows, 1948 Jessie Burrows to Victor C. Burrows, 1963 Mildred Burrows.

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