Plaque #H1 Heritage Home

30 Arthur St W, Harriston
Plaque #H1 Heritage Home

Built: 1868

Builder/First Owner:
Dr. James Cowan


Brief History:

Built by Harriston's pioneer doctor, Dr. James Cowan, who practiced here from 1868 to 1890 from this house before moving to Manitoba. Thought to be the first brick home in town. His son, Dr. Samuel Cowan, also doctored here from 1875 to 1903. As reported in the Elora "Lightening Express" in 1875, Dr. Samuel saved the life of Harriston Reeve and merchant Alexander Meiklejohn, curing a serious illness.

Former owners: 1868 Dr. James Cowan, 1892 Dr. Samuel Cowan, 1903 Helen Cowan, 1919 James McMurchie (then to Helen Bott), 1943 Agnes B. Pritchard, 1977 Roy F. Murphy, 1978 Nancy Davidson.

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