Plaque #H6 Heritage Home

88 John St S, Harriston
Plaque #H6 Heritage Home

Built in 1873: Original home of Edward Preston



Brief History:

Lot purchased from John Smith, blacksmith in 1872 by Edward Preston, Chemist & Druggist. He operated his business, the Harriston Medical Hall, on Elora St. S. over the river. This residence was built in 1873 and was sold, after his death, to Wm. Fitzgerald, Physician, in 1896. Then to James Ireland, Dentist, in 1902. He removed the veranda and replaced it with the current sunporch at a cost of $500.00. Probate Will to Mary Ellen Ireland, wife, and Ida May Beattie who sold to Jean & Norm Howes all in 1939. Rented to Charlie Sawyers, Harriston High School Principal during War years. 1952 granted to Evelyn Hackett, who leased to Ida M. Carruth.  In 1953 the deed past to Francis E. McLaughlin. 

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