Plaque #H3 Heritage Home

99 Elora St N, Harriston
Plaque #H3 Heritage Home

Built: 1872

Builder/First Owner:
George Douglas


Brief History:

Another early brick home in Harriston. George Douglas, was the first home owner and his son Samuel was the first tenant. George and son Samuel had their boot shop across the road on Lot 16 Elora St. S. Here, they repaired and made boots and shoes. Samuel lived in this house for a time before moving across the road to live above the shop after his father had passed away.

Former owners: 1872 George Douglas, 1875 Eli Hutchings, 1875 Geo. McEucon, 1895 Christina & Geo. Walkey, 1896 Henry Heatherington, 1904 John Walker, 1940 Catherine Walker, 1960 Archibald Ivel, 1970 Edith J. Ivel

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