Palmerston Lions Heritage Park

166 William St, Palmerston

It has taken years of hard work, dozens of volunteers and thousands of hours to get the Lions Heritage Park to where it is today... and the results speak for themselves. This beautiful park in the centre of town has become a gathering place for families, friends and visitors alike. It is hard to believe that this serene place was once a rundown field of weeds. This multi-use park has many amenities such as; a splash pad, sports pad for basketball and ball hockey, and a playground for kids. There is also a tennis court, picnic tables, benches and a full-size pavilion for family gatherings. Something that the Lions Club has been working on very hard for the past few years is their fully lit, brick path, winding its way from Old 81 on Main Street to the Fire Station on King Street. Historical plaques can be found dotted around the park and provide a glimpse of the past through pictures and stories. Finally there is the restored railway bride, the best - and only one - left in Ontario. This past summer, the Palmerston Lion's Park was awarded the Butchard Gardens Land Reclamation Award through the Communities in Bloom program. This award is based on a national level, and just goes to show how lucky we are to have a park like this in our own backyards.

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