Plaque #H9 Heritage Home

32 Robertson St, Harriston
Plaque #H9 Heritage Home

Built in 1874: Original home of William Thackeray


Pump Maker

Brief History:

Built by William Thackeray who worked for the railroad for a time. Later with his brothers Joseph, Colin and Robert they started a water pump business located on Mill Street part of a planing mill. "The Thackeray Pump" was a prominent and popular pump in those days. William also built the house on Lot 11 King St. S. The Thackeray's moved to the prairies and returned some years later. 
Former owners: 1874 Wm. Thackeray, 1877 Nelson Carroll, 1877 Samuel L. Haight, 1887 Austin & Dorcas Harvey, 1892 John Darroch, 1908 Anes Darroch

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