Plaque #H7 Heritage Home

88 Thomas St N, Harriston
Plaque #H7 Heritage Home

Built in 1874: Original home of John Kernaghan


Carriage Maker

Brief History: Lot purchased in 1873 by John Kernaghan from Owen G. Hughes. He took out a mortgage in 1874 to build the house. His first tenant was Oliver Palmer, Carriage Maker, who worked for Mr. Kernaghan owner of the business on Mill St.

Former Owners: 1874 John Kernaghan, 1877 Elliott Fulton, 1879 John and Jane Fulton, 1901 Annie Fulton, 1908 lot split, 1908 Robert Reid, 1910 Edward Strachan, 1932 Thomas Thomson, 1942 Agnes & John Gerrie, 1953 Wilma Gardner, 1954 Jutze Talsma, 1959 Fred Raftis, 1973 David Anger, 1975 Gary Patterson

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