Plaque #H53 Heritage Home

80 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque #H53 Heritage Home

Built in 1878: Original home of Philip Ritter



Brief History:

After Thomas Hartley died in 1863, this vacant lot was sold to Elizabeth Clegg.  She and husband David lived across the street on lot 32 Thomas St. N. (now home of John & Jackie Kelly).  In 1878 George Roos, who lived in Preston, Ontario, purchased this lot.  There must have been a connection with Philip and Wilhelmina Ritter and Mr. Roos, as assessment shows they built this house and lived here.  In 1888 the deed was transferred to them.  Mr. Ritter was boot and shoe maker of the finest quality.  The house was left in Wilhelmina's name until 1951.  Then Harold and Mary Burrows took ownership.  Harold worked for his father Hindson Burrows who operated the International Harvester dealership on Mill St. in Harriston.

Former owners:  1878-Philip and Wilhelmina Ritter, 1888-Wilhelmina Ritter, 1951-Harold and Mary Burrows

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