Plaque #H50 Heritage Building

Lot 21 Elora St.S., Harriston
Plaque #H50 Heritage Building

Built in 1864: Original owner was Alexander Meiklejohn



Brief History:

Alexander Meiklejohn purchased this lot from George Harrison in 1862.  He had this building erected in 1864 and rented to a variety of shops and businesses over the years with tenants in the upper level.  Various businesses include John McKenzie's barbershop, (which he paid $5.00 a month rent), doctor's office for Dr. W. A. Harvey in 1876, who was a tenant until he built his home at lot 13 Webb St. N., with dress making, hat shop, real estate, Wintario and pharmacy.  The main part has been a pharmacy since 1919.  This building was in the Meiklejohn Family from 1864 to 1956.  Mr. Harry T. Frankum, Pharmacist, operated here from 1919-1956 and rented from the Meiklejohn's.

Former owners:  1864-Alexander Meiklejohn, 1956-from Robert Meiklejohn to Cecil Brown, 1975-William B. Acheson

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