Plaque #H38 Heritage Home

138 Webb St S, Harriston
Plaque #H38 Heritage Home

Built in 1879: Original home of Nathan Fallis - Cheesemaker.

The lot's original owners were John and Margaret Webb.  In 1876 it was purchased by Nathan Fallis and by 1879 a brick house has been erected, probably to replace a frame structure in which Mr. Fallis, his wife and three children were living in 1877.   His occupation is listed as cheesemaker, he was Methodist and 36yrs old.  Like so many others in Minto in the 1880's, he succumbed to the allure of the west.    The records of the Canadian Order of Forresters included him on a list of those who moved west, in his case to Stockton, Manitoba in 1884.   At that time the house and lot were purchased by James Brown and his wife, who were retired and owned several lots in the neighbourhood.  In 1891, their son Harry inherited it.  He was a teacher living in Berlin (Kitchener) and rented the house to Mary J Kaiser and her husband Jesses who became the owners in 1893.   Jesse Kaiser managed a farm implement dealership on Elora St. where Leslie Motors is now located.   It is thought that an addition and renovations to the house were made during their ownership in the 1890's and it is probably at that time that the home was name "Sunray" and the distinctive gingerbread was added.

The house became the property of grocer Archibald Stewart in 1911 and the lot was divided the following year so that another house could be built.    Ownership of both houses passed to Arch Stewart's daughter, Della Hucks, after his death in 1918.  She lived there in the newer house and rented this house to Ted Blacker.  It was sold to Emerson Jordan in 1946 and then to George Chadwick in 1949.  Mr. Chadwick was manager of the spinning mill at the end of John St. W.  He sold the house when the mill closed and spent his later working years as manager of Spinrite in Listowel.  Charles Martin became owner and rented out the house, one tenant being bank manager, Al Pacey.   The next owner, Max Chute, another bank manager, painstakingly painted the house brick by brick and this paint is still on the house.

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