Plaque #H37 Heritage Home

150 John St S, Harriston
Plaque #H37 Heritage Home

Built in

1894, Original home of J.M.McKay, Mgr. Harriston Oil Works


Brief History:

This lot sat vacant until 1894 when James Brown sold to Geo. Leighton, local builder and lumber merchant.  He built the house for J.M. McKay the Foreman of the Harriston Oil Works located on Margaret St. S. near the Railway Station.  The ownership stayed in Leighton's name.  Known as the Ferguson House, the yard had well pruned shrubs and trees and displayed a large goldfish pond.

Former owners: 1894 J.M. McKay (tenant), 1905 John Garbig, 1919 Donald Ferguson, 1956 John R. Russell.

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