Plaque #H36 Heritage Home

5802 Highway 89, Harriston
Plaque #H36 Heritage Home

Built in:

1895, Original home of James Moore, Yeoman.


Brief History:

James Moore was born in Northumberland, England in 1811.  James came to Canada and married Isabella Veitch, of North Dumfries Township on December 7, 1838.  On December 26 1865, James bought 300 acres in Minto Township acquired from Archibald Harrison for $1400.00.  He also owned Allan's Hotel, until it was purchased in 1876 by James Collison and became the Collison House Hotel.

The large 5 bedroom Victorian home was completed in 1895.

James' sons George (born in 1851) and Walter (born in 1854) married sisters Emily and Eliza Sterrat.  After their father's death in 1898, they conjointly worked the 300 acres, making a specialty of thoroughbred Durham cattle.  The widow, Isabella, resided on the homestead with George, as did J.K. Moore (born in 1866).  J.K. was James Junior and was also known as Jason.  The home also held won William, and two daughters, later Mrs. John McNab and Mrs. James Cummings.  The bulk of the property was owned by the Moore family until January 23, 1915.  Many small parcels were sold off.  Property was also donated to build Township offices, now the Saint Thomas Catholic Church.

At different times the land has been used for:

  • cattle raising and growing the exclusive "Lost Nation" wheat, which was only sold in single bushel purchases to members of the Minto Ploughing Society.
  • a Sunday afternoon race course for horses from 1880's until WWI in 1914, and again in the late 1940's.
  • an airplane landing strip in the 1940's, until a tragic death closed down that venture.
  • presently two schools, Harriston Senior School and Minto Clifford Public School, are situated on part of the original property.

On January 23 1915 the property was sold to James and Jessie M. Allan of the Allans Hotel for $160,000.00.  The same year, John and Emma Clyne Purchased lots 84, 85, 86, 87, Concession C from the Allans.  Their daughter Verna married Harry Aitcheson and it was lived in by Harry's sisters until 1978.  

It wasn't until the home was bought by Thomas and Margaret Clark in 1978 that plumbing was finally installed.  There have been several owners in the intervening years and many surface changes.

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