Plaque #H35 Heritage Home

131 Elora OR 130 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque #H35 Heritage Home

Built in:

1877, Original home of Dr. Samuel M. Henry, MD, Surgeon


Brief History:

Dr. Henry purchased this lot in 1877, two years after his arrival in Harriston and it sat as a garden until 1885 when he had this house built.  He lived on Queen St. prior to this property.  He practiced medicine for forty-three years, was Mayor of Harriston for five years, Chairman of the Board of Education and laid the cornerstone in the United Church in 1903.  His office was in the back of the house.  The stained glass window in the office door, with his name, is still evident today.

Former owners: 1885 Dr. S.M. Henry, 1916 Dr. Joseph and Nellie Charlesworth, then to daughter Josephine E. Charlesworth (local High School teacher).

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