Plaque #H33 Heritage Home

200 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque #H33 Heritage Home

Built in:

1880, Original home of Oliver Johnston, Station Agent.


Brief History:

Built by Oliver Johnston, Station Agent for the Wellington Grey & Bruce Railway.  The lots in this section of Harriston are a result of the Robertson Survey, Part Lot 88 Conc. C of Minto Twp.  With the expansion of Harriston at that time, the boundaries of town were expanded to include this farm lot.  Over the years this house has been used as a family residence, apartments and a blacksmith shop which was attached to the back of the building owned by James Sutherland.

Former owners: 1880 Oliver Johnston, 1882 (widow) Elizabeth Wild, 1889 Caroline & John Rousseau, 1890 Ann & Duncan McConachie, 1898 David McConachie, 1899 will to William Hinde (grain dealer on current Co-OP property), 1904 David McEachern, 1912 Sidney French, 1914 Milford Neil, 1917 Roxa L. Smith, 1926 J.J. Pritchard, 1948 James Sutherland, 1955 Douglas & Audrey Henderson.

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