Plaque #H30 Heritage Home

151 Webb St N, Harriston
Plaque #H30 Heritage Home


1879; Original home of William Caldwell, Potter


Brief History:

There was a pottery established here in 1876 under partners Caldwell & Pegler.  Partnership split that year and later the house was added by William Caldwell in 1879.  The early assessment records show the spelling as Caldwell, but Cadwell in the Land Abstract and advertisement.  Spelling shown either way.  Current owners have found pieces of pottery about the yard.  The pottery operated until 1896 and the quality of Mr. Caldwell's products were known throughout Ontario.  The Royal Museum in Toronto has pieces of his work.

Also, known as the "Ferris" house.  Tom & Kate Ferris lived there from 1919 to 1954.  He worked for the railway.  Mary Jane Bell baked and sold bread twice a week from this house from 1896 to 1899.  She and husband Adam J. Bell formerly of Drew.

Former owners: 1879 Wm. Caldwell, 1896 Mary J. Bell, 1899 Walter D. Ebbeds, 1902 William J. Brown, 1919 Thomas Ferris, 1954 George Maslen.

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