Plaque #H26 Heritage Home

214 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque #H26 Heritage Home

Built in 1861

Builder/ First Owner: Wesleyan & New Connection Methodists

Brief History:

Built as a Church by the Wesleyan and New Connection Methodists in late 1861. In 1875 the Church divided to form the Primitive Methodist Connection of Canada. again in 1893 another split took place to form another section of the Methodist Church. In 1903 the United Church was constructed and this house was sold to Richard F. Dale as a residence. the history of the local Methodist Church is recorded in the Harriston-Cotswold United Church History Pictorial Directory. The original structure, although modified, served as a residence today. The hardwood floor is three layers thick and the base of the Church steeple at the front of the house is still evident today.

Former Owners: 1904 Richard F. Dale, 1918 Mary A. Pritchard, 1945 Hugh S. & Margaret E. Bell

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