Plaque #H25 Heritage Home

151 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque #H25 Heritage Home

Built in 1877

Builder/ First Owner: James Bailey

Occupation: Carriage & Harness Maker

Brief History:
This lot was purchased in 1866 by James Bailey, who operated a blacksmith shop on the corner of Mill and Elizabeth St. and later he made carriages from the same building. He, like other early pioneers to Harriston provided money for mortgaged to new comers at that time. In 1876 he is shown as owner of the lot and 1877 assessment roll indicates a house with nine occupants. It was built the same years as the church across the road and probably the same mason as the brick design shows. The size of the residence was used as a boarding facility. The threat of a possible war cited the bomb shelter that was constructed in the basement in 1963. The back of the house was a Doctors office for many years for Dr. Clunas.

Former Owners: 1877 James Bailey, 1915 Elizabeth Bailey, 1925 Mary E. Lambert, 1955 George Walkey, 1956 Duke E. Clunas

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