Plaque #H24 Heritage Home

17 Raglan St W, Harriston
Plaque #H24 Heritage Home

Built in 1877

Builder/ First Owner:  J.A.W. Hatton

Occupation: Barrister

Brief History:
The first transaction concerning this lot was in 1869 when Thomas Montcrieff purchased the property from John Webb for $70.00. It changed hands a few times until 1877 when Annie Hatton wife of J.A.W. Hatton purchased the lot and had this house built. His Barrister Office was located in the Meiklejohn Block on Lot 21 Elora St. S (Acheson's Pharmacy). This dwelling was rented to the Sider Family in the 1960's.

Former Owners: 1877 J.A.W. Hatton, 1892 Geo. Harvey, 1894 Walter & Mary Hicks, 1908 Malcolm Ferguson, 1954 Don & Katie Smith, 1964 Edward Holloway, 1967 John Vermulen, 1970 Archie and Bonnie McCready (Postmaster)

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