Plaque #H22 Heritage Home

59 Maitland St, Harriston
Plaque #H22 Heritage Home

Built: in 1876

Builder/ First Owner: Timothy J. Gavin

Occupation: Carpenter

Brief History:
This quaint dwelling was built by Timothy J. Gavin, a Quebec native who moved here with his family in the mid 1870's. He built a few homes in Harriston and was also hired as assistant engineer of the Fire Engine. The back lawn of this property was once used for lawn bowling.

Former owners: 1876 Timothy J. Gavin, 1881 John Pearce, 1882 Mile Bateman, 1914 John Coburn, 1932 John A. Mundy, 1941 James W. Morton, 1949 James A. Hutchison.

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