Plaque #H21 Heritage Home

44 John St S, Harriston
Plaque #H21 Heritage Home

Built in 1877: Original home of Samuel M. & Martha Groff

Occupation:  Store Merchant


Brief History:

     Samuel Groff's occupation was a store merchant in the Alexander McCready Block on Lot 23 Elora St. S. in 1876 and was a tenant there until he built this home in 1877.  This residence once served Harriston as a private Hospital operated by Mrs. Eliza Copland.


Former House Owners:

           Selected excerpts from the Deeds and Registry Office

    1871, February 15       John Webb and his wife sold the property, which consisted of 4 lots
                                            (Lots 23 & 24 on the  south side of John St and Lots 23 & 24 on the
                                            north side of Margaret Street) to Samuel Robertson (referred to as a
                                            general agent and a manufacturer) and his wife, Margaret-Ann

     1876, July 21               The Robertsons sold to Martha and Samuel Groff (Martha's maiden
                                            name was Robertson and Samuel was a general merchant).

     1886, February 12      Martha & Samuel Groff sold to JAmes M. Watson (bank manager) for
                                            $1800 and they moved to Berlin (Kitchener).

     1876-1887                   Ownership changed back and forth between James Watson and his
                                            brother Samuel Watson Jr. (a yeoman).

     1888, October 17        James M. and his wife Louisa Watson sold to Annette and John
                                            Hamilton (a jeweller).

     1893                             On April 20, Thomas Dunbar (a grocer) paid $100 of total price of
                                            $1500 towards the purchase of the property which took place on
                                            September 15 from the Hamiltons.

     1901, February 7        Thomas and Susannah Dunbar sold to William Clark Chambers (a
                                            contractor) for $1,850.

     1926, September 4    William and Jennie Chambers sold to William and Eliza Copland

     1938                              William Copland had been a farmer and died on June 16

     1943                              Eliza Copland sold to sisters, Winnie, Humilitas, Alberta and Natalia
                                            Goetz.  Eliza Copland died May 19, 1948.

     1945, March 1             Alberta Goetz sold her share to her sisters for $1.

     1946, April 15             The Goetz sisters sold to David and Norma Kaster.

     1947, April 11             The Kasters sold to Frederick Hardy and the property became known
                                           as the F.W. Hardy Funeral Mome.

     1953                            Frederick & Elizabeth Hardy built the house on the corner of Brock
                                          and Margaret Street.  Robert and Mabel Hardy had married and lived
                                          in the house at 44 John St.

     1963                            Robert and Mabel Hardy took over the ownership of the funeral home
                                          and furniture business from his father.

     1966                            Extensive renovations were  completed to provide a large chapel area
                                           for visitation and services.

     1979                            The embalming room, casket selection room and arrangement office
                                          were moved to the funeral home from the previous location at the
                                          furniture store on Elora Street.

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