Plaque #H19 Heritage Building

19 Elora St N., Harriston
Plaque #H19 Heritage Building

Built in 1876: Original owner was John & Hannah Collison

Occupation:  Hotel Owners

Brief History:

     The Collison's come to Harriston in 1873 and operated the Harriston Hotel on the same site until 1876 when they built the "Collison House".  The name changed in 1952 to the Coronation Hotel to mark the crowning of Queen Elizabeth the Second.  The balcony overlooking the main entrance served the local brass band who would play on special occasions for the enjoyment of the townspeople.  The dining room was renowned for its fine food and service.  Hotel guests also enjoyed the hospitality provided by the Collison's. 

Former owners:  1876 John Collison, 1923 Hannah Collins, 1928 George Gently, 1937 Ellie Collison, 1939 James Watier, 1943 Nellie Smith, Joe & William Hutchison, operators, 1954 Frank Lloyd, 1961 Lorne H. Sheardown, 1968 Dorothy Molson & Ed Sinnott, 1973 Gerald Rappe & Ken Batte, 1977 John Locke.

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