Plaque #H18 Heritage Home

101 Margaret St N, Harriston
Plaque #H18 Heritage Home

Built in 1875: Original home of Samuel Robertson

Occupation:  Manufacturer


Brief History:

     Harriston Box manufacturer, Samuel Robertson, owned the lot and had this house built for this son Harvey Robertson in 1875.  Harvey lived here less than two years and it was sold to John Chalmers and wife Sarah.  John passed away in 1879 as a young man. Sarah, 18 years old, with one child, Amelia, moved back to Nichol Twp. and rented the house until 1898 when it was sold to Samuel Maltby.  Mary Wilson Kirkness, a later owner, was the organist of the first pipe organ in the Knox Presbyterian Church in 1910. 

Former owners:  1875 Harvey Robertson, 1877 John Chalmers, then to Sarah Chalmers, 1898 Samuel Maltby, 1900 Edward Broughton, 1905 William H. Jackson, 1910 Philip Reddon, 1913 John Wilson, 1916 Mary Wilson Kirkness, 1959 Wilbert Shafer, 1960 Allan D. Cross (retired Minto Twp. Road Superintendent).

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