Plaque #H14 Heritage Home

138 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque #H14 Heritage Home

Built in 1875: Original home of William Gordon 




Brief History

     Built in 1875 by William Gordon, cheesemaker, who had purchased the lot in 1864 from John Webb.  He worked at the cheese factory situated on the lot behind the former Petro Canada station owned by Harriston Motors.  Then sold to Dr. Joseph Allan, MC.  He used the back part of the house for this office.  Jack Ward, who had his barbershop where South Street Cafe is now located on Elora St S., lived here for over 50 years.


Former owners:  1875 William Gordon, 1880 Dr. Joseph Allan, 1886 James Ross, 1887 Jane Saunders, 1907 William Beatty, 1909 Lawrence Pridham, 1920 Norma & Jack Ward.

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