Plaque #H13 Heritage Home

32 John St S, Harriston
Plaque #H13 Heritage Home

Built in 1875: Original home of James Smith.



Brief History:
Records indicate a dwelling and barn on this lot in 1875 owned by James Smith, Shoe Maker. In the early 1900's this residence was used as a private Maternity Hospital operated by the Mrs. Margaret (Copland) Pike, a daughter to Eliza Copland operator of two other private hospitals in Harriston. Additions on the side were added over the years. South half of this lot was split in 1900 where Mrs. Copland lived.
Former owners: 1875 James Smith, 1882 George Michelin, 1900 Margaret Copland, 1926 Mabel Fox, 1928 Duncan Sinclair (Landlord), 1949 Stewart Powell, 1950 James C. Johnston.

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