Plaque #H11 Heritage Home

185-7 Elora St S, Harriston
Plaque #H11 Heritage Home

Built in 1875: Original home of John Irwin.


Non Res.

Brief History:

David and Jane Charlesworth, who were non-residents and lived in Seaforth, purchased this lot in 1873. The house was built by John Irwin, carpenter, in 1875 and he was the first tenant according to assessment records. He then built a house across the road on Elora st. S. and relocated. This residence has a second section added about 1910. Over the years it has been rented as two separate dwellings.
Former owners: 1875 David Charlesworth, 1877 Alex Charlesworth, 1879 Mary Hawk, 1883 John Jewel, 1887...Dowling, 1897 Lucy Dowling to Myretta & Wm. Behms, 1905 Nellie Broughton, 1905 Thomas Fyfe, 1910 James F. Hinde, Bruce and Hilda Holtom, Leslie Robinson.

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