Knox Calvin Presbyterian Church

135 Elora St, Harriston
Knox Calvin Presbyterian Church

Built: 1877

Builder/First Owner:
Presbyterian Congregation

Brief History:

The first Church, a frame structure, on the lot was built in 1864 by Mr. Fyfe. The present Church was constructed in 1877. At the base of the Church the bricks are five rows thick and taper to three at the top. The Church spire is a well known landmark in Harriston. In 1949 it was covered with metal. The first Minister was Rev. John McIntyre. Over the years this place of worship has undergone several renovations but the main structure is a tribute to the builders of the day. A Matthews pipe organ was installed in 1910 and Mary Wilson was organist.

In 1968, a local amalgamation took place, hence the name Knox Calvin Presbyterian Church. There is a small archives in the basement which allows members and visitors to access records and view pictures. Note the brick work, possibly the same mason bricked the two homes on Elora St. just east of the Church during this time.

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