Minto Express

171 William St E., Palmerston

The Minto Express is a weekly community paper covering Harriston, Palmerston, Clifford and the surrounding area. It is released every Wednesday and it covers sports, local news, community events, arts, human interest stories, municipal council meetings and police news, as well as federal and provincial politics as they pertain to Minto. The Express is run by a small group of paid staff, freelancers and volunteers. Now owned by the Metroland Media Group, the Express resulted from the merging of two older papers – the Palmerston Observer and the Harriston Revue – in 2000, shortly after Minto’s amalgamation. Today it has a circulation of over 1500 subscribers.

In the close-knit community of Minto, writers and editors rarely have trouble finding a story. Whether it’s from contacts in Minto’s various volunteer organizations, local businesses, or just people calling in with a tip, there is no shortage of news for the front page. The most difficult challenge these journalists face is covering everything that goes on in a week! While the volunteers and staff are talented and hard-working reporters, the realities of being a weekly paper mean that news can be almost a week old when it finally hits the stands – a fact that galvanizes the Express to provide the most in-depth coverage and as unique a perspective as possible. Luckily, their strong online presence allows them to provide instantaneous updates and announcements any day of the week.

In the Minto Express, the communities of Harriston, Palmerston and Clifford have a strong uniting influence. The paper fosters a sense of togetherness and greater community spirit by reporting on all of the communities in Minto equally. More than that, it highlights the work of people and agencies all over Minto: bringing attention to the efforts of volunteer organizations, reporting on local businesses and community issues, and announcing a variety of public events and fundraisers. It functions admirably as a record and advertisement of Minto’s many cultural assets. By keeping Minto well informed, the Express provides endless opportunities for everyone to be involved in the community.

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