Chantal Heroux


Chantal is a local artist of many talents who bounces back and forth from Palmerston, where her main personal studio is located, and Toronto.

Chantal paints just about everything, from abstract and portraits to landscapes, still-life and figurative paintings.   She also does some unique sculpting along with exploring ideas of re-purposing and recycling materials in order to add value to objects that could be considered trash.

Chantal is also exploring the idea of restoring value to sentimental objects that have been damaged or destroyed. If you have a teacup as a family heirloom and it breaks, she can re-create he broken pieces into a new creation in an old art form that lasts for decades to come. Therefore, Chantal is helping to continue the legacy of the inherited object and allowing it to remain an "object of value," that represents history as an article of the past.

Abstraction is something that Chantal has expressed interest in as well. She went through a series where she painted only live models and only for 10 - 20 minutes per painting. They were an exercise in spontaneity and "thought-less" expression, or intuitive and unplanned compositions. I also enjoy portrait commissions which I mainly do in oils.

Chantal has studied at OCADu and SSFSA (Flemming college) for glass blowing which she has also dabbled with.

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