Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum


Summer Hours: Wednesday - Sunday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Palmerston Railway Station was one of the first buildings in Palmerston and was built as a one story structure in 1871. The rail business progressed so quickly that a second story was added in 1876 and a round house and car sheds were erected in the same year in the railway yard.

In 1982 the Grand Trunk Railway bought out the Wellington Grey Bruce Railway Company and was immediately faced with the competition fro the Government-backed Canadian Pacific Railway. The result was an upgraded railway station with towers and a vaulted ceiling added in 1900

The Palmerston Railway heritage Museum Association has turned the station into a museum of railway memorabilia for GTR/CNR out of Palmerston. Almost all of our displays have been donated by railway workers or their families. The museum is also home to the Town of Minto Heritage Association which has research materials available for genealogical research. The station is home to the famous handcars that can be made available for rides. As the Museum is a non-profit organization, they are only able to have hours throughout the summer moths of July and August. However, it is possible to make an appointment the rest of the year.

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